Most of you must be knowing regarding my motivation for launching AroundStartups & so far, I have been lucky to host cheerful/smart/workaholic guests to the show.

These are some of my takeaways from interviewing these guests.

  1. Things which keeps all of these successful people going & motivated is honesty to their vision, task and job role.  
  2. Family is most integral part for each one of them and gets equal or greater importance than professional life.
  3. Failures are good, learning from it and not repeating it again is the key.
  4. You need to respect each and everyone in/around you, every single individual in your team is working as hard as you.
  5. You need to be empathetic with people you are meeting, you never know who will get you next unicorn.
  6. It is important to help and mentor entrepreneurs. It is not possible that you are going to fund on every idea you are getting but you can certainly point them in right direction or connect them to right set of people.
  7. Stress is part of life & good exercise, music can be a good cure.
  8. It is extremely important to communicate everything  in simple ways to avoid any kind of confusion.
  9. Being a leader means working with the team, understanding and guiding them not ruling over them.
  10. Trust gets you a lot of good friends, deals & connections.

I will try to continue doing the same, interviewing luminaries of India’s startup ecosystem. It will be great to have your feedback so feel free to drop me a line with all your suggestions.

Happy New Year to everyone from AroundStartups team, god bless. 🙂