In this inaugural podcast, I had a chance to to meet Mr Brij Bhasin. [Twitter,  LinkedIn], he leads Rebright Partners India investment strategy.

Brij Bhasin was kind enough to give us his time & provide us with his input on India’s startup ecosystem:
  1. On success & failures
  2. On hyperlocal & e-commerce startups
  3. Biggest bet so far
  4. Best ways to pitch
  5. Characteristics of a successful founder and team
  6. On companies with single founder
  7. On current startup ecosystem trends in India
  8. On Indian VC’s love for entrepreneurs from IIT/IIM

Books Recommended:

The Martian: A Novel : [Amazon] [Flipkart]

Website, Service, Technology & Startups mentioned:

Rebright Partners, GSF Accelerator, flipkart, snapdeal, Ola Cabs, Biosense, paytm, Zomato, Yelp, letstransport, tookitaki, newsinshorts, little eye labs, facebook, Ventureast, RBI, Bitcoin


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